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It is on a day like Monday that all the trivial aspects of life push so quickly away. All that is left is what really matters, a reminder of the importance to be present for life and find enjoyment in each step as it happens.

Keeva found her way into Liz’s life over nine years ago as a pup and she remained that youthful girl all her life. In the past few years the soul of an old dog began to show but the playful and youthful looks of a beautiful Golden always won the day.

Her name, from the Irish Caoimhe meaning beautiful, gentle and precious, precisely describes this amazing companion. Attachment to her comes easily when encountering her sweeping tail, plush coat and nuzzling nature for both two and four legged creatures.


Ever present and active for all her years she kept warm the heart of the woman I love and accompanied two young boys on their adventures to becoming young men. Keeva’s presence is felt everywhere and today when the house awoke without her the emptiness hurt even more than when we said goodbye yesterday.

My heart breaks and my tears fall, for Liz, for the boys and for all those that befriended this lass. Most of all I miss her for the wonderful girl she was and allowing me to share part of her life.

A Little Something

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a little something

Heading home is bitter sweet, the awkward emotional dance that happens when leaving someone loved and heading home to loved ones. Saying goodbye is with a hug that last a little longer and holds a little tighter, then turning to board a train to the airport.

Leaving with the same pack of worldly possession that arrived a week ago. A week to kick around this city with the kids. Out the window places that were explored rush by as the memories remain. Closer to the airport more people board with their expressions of sadness and excitement, a tell of who is coming and who is going.

At the airport and the last line to leaving and the first to going home is ahead, a queue to security. A brisk walk knocks down to a intermittent shuffle. Near the screening area the routine begins, jacket, shoes and belt shed, pockets empty and opening the pack to remove the laptop.

Stopping for a moment and a smile grows as eyes get teary, a card and something sweet sits inside the pack. A little something from a daughter that makes everyday brighter for her dad.


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Photograph © Tracy Crape

Photograph © Tracy Crape

Three days a week to meet the challenge, push, pull and lift body weight and other weight. It is a commitment made to balance the walking, running and cycling with strength. The program is varied, not a repeating cycle of lifts or machines to keep muscles from being programmed.

Most days are hard work, some days find the limit and a very few fall to the easy category. Today was a limit day and recovery extends beyond the half hour cool down extending hours into the day.

Not a painful test but a tiring one leaving a positive impression of ‘I did that’ lingering for hours and days or at least until the next time. It is the stretch that is uncomfortable until it defines a new limit or boundary. Whether physical or mental the result is the same, growth in confidence.

Capability is the mind’s game and the steps to thwart thinking are many, often small ones that require patience to allow time for recovery before taking the next. Little is gained without effort that pushes limits and a close look at those with great strength in mind and body shows personal dedication and determination.

Push when there is a thought that there is nothing left and break through the fringe into the unexplored, mindful to do so as a personal choice and not coerced by other’s actions and words. There is only one person that is always near, always present, who is familiar with each struggle and every success and that is you. Push for you to discover what is on the other side.

Missing It

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The end of the trip was great. Time with my daughter, no agenda and just time to hang out. A perfect second half to a great first and one that found time to run, help out and enjoy time together.

It was also a break from writing and it is strange how the urge to get back to words creeps into the crevasses in my fractured mind. I like the break but, I miss the expression, the opportunity to share and push fingers on keys. It is a soothing exercise and one that is more common in routine than away from it.

A first day back in the city today and the routine settles and by the days end I am finding the need to talk quietly through the keys, playing my own music as I listen to some playing.

The routine is good and today my favourite day of the week. My weekly coffee with my brother Tracy. Our chance to catch up, explore the world, laugh and feel good about the life we have.

I love to travel but I also love the routine of home. The Thursday coffee, the every day writing, my own bed, walking bugs and hanging out with my best friend Liz.

Morning Run

February 15, 2015 § 2 Comments

Morning Run

Morning. The grey still clings to the coastal mountains and the temperature sits just under double digits. The low light of an early Sunday morning and the quiet of a city on the last day of the weekend.

Shoes hit damp concrete to join walkers and runners of the two and four leg variety out to see the world at this early hour. The grass is green, trees with leaves and some without. A temperate climate at the waters edge that makes life easier in the winter months north of 49.

The chosen route past homes old and new then to the oceans edge and back again. English Bay with floating boats of varying sizes from many places. Curiosity at what life on board in constant motion would be then eyes to the homes that border this place and to be there instead.

To each passer a gift of a cheerful ‘good morning’ with responses that smile, reply or choose to ignore. No matter, the day is perfect and a perfect day in motion remains as such, the benefit of a morning run.

Saturday Coffee with Erik

February 14, 2015 § 2 Comments

Revolver Coffee

Revolver Coffee

Everyone likes something and coffee is one that is high on the list for me. With his discerning palette and working as a barista, Erik is passionate about coffee. He constantly explores his passion for this wonderful bean, carefully roasted, ground and given a gentle rest or powerful rinse with water to create a cup of choice.

Today a foray into some of Vancouver’s spaces that serve up a few of the best of what this city has to offer. A step far from the ubiquitous shops that hold the corners of most busy intersections in cities like this (albeit shops that began the revolution of coffee aficionados).

The clientele is telling, hipster yes, and within the walls the standout crowd blends together appearing as a society of sameness, sameness they push against to differentiate themselves as individual. The difference in this craft is that the appreciation is what is individual. « Read the rest of this entry »

By the Sea

February 13, 2015 § 1 Comment


Misty morning by the water, cool room and warm thoughts as I pull the blanket up. The air by the sea holds healing when in its embrace, a calm that pacifies a busy mind.

The thought of a perfect pour brings feet to the floor and an unsteady stand. Unpile and dawn in reverse order until the floor appears with the last sock pulled on. Out the door pulling a cap down over thin unkempt hair.

On the street faces pass by, some expressionless and I question how this place becomes monotonous to those few. Perhaps a life in one place too long or a life stretching into a box or britches too big leaving only time to toil.

Finding coffee is easy, the shops are small and brimming with black elixir and those chatting of happenings and mysteries over a cup of it.

An order of something rich in a large cup to settle by the window. Women, men, children and dogs, coming and going from places of work and play. A perfect day to sit and watch life wander by the sea.

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