Falling Up

April 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

Getting up after a fall is a tough mix of pain and humility. Thoughts flood with what was, remnants of a story told and retold that serve as a destination. Armed with a list of things to do differently to get back on top, one sets out to the same place thinking this time is different.

What drives comes from necessity, passion or ego. In each it is worth considering other places, different endpoints and with each new place the multitude of ways to get from here to there. The choice when moving back into the fold is to either chase up the same path in search of lost glory or find new destination at the end of roads not yet travelled.

If it is passion keep on keeping on. If it is not, doing the same thing and expecting a different result tips towards insanity. Keep the past behind, accept the lesson and discover purpose in a new destination.


April 21, 2015 § Leave a comment


There is no warmth where the sun does not shine.

Cold is this place without light, without heart.

Only hope is found in darkness and with it a place to go.


March 10, 2015 § Leave a comment


A few hours north by car from the centre of industry to that of government. Edmonton is Alberta’s Capitol, a beautiful city that straddles the North Saskatchewan River. A gateway to northern exploration for oil and gas in the Province with this industry evident on all fringes of the City while the prominence of government is at its core.

The trip today was work for Liz and some exploring for Juno and me. There are many areas I enjoy but in particular is the river valley that falls away from plains with its pathways and park areas and small pockets of development that wind along the river. To compliment the river’s natural cross section of the City is streets and shops with a vibe that is more relaxed and authentic than its southern cousin Calgary.

Living or visiting here one quickly discovers cultural diversity and heritage that makes this City unique. Since moving to Alberta 30 years ago, Edmonton has been a great host City to me for business, events or simply an opportunity to just get away, like today.

Oceans Away

March 5, 2015 § Leave a comment


He touches the water’s edge and feels her warmth as she slips into the shallows oceans away. Minds find each other, memories of days together that will last forever. The end brought hearts close even as distance fell between.

Her words a constant echo to him, soft and never-fading. His eyes smiling to her, an image constant wherever she looks. Neither thought that life could shine so bright, at first dismissing the feeling to desire then awakening to love.

The words fewer and exacting, understanding without explanation and acceptance of the other. Moments linger as they weave through the day. With night fall finding rest in a warm embrace until the sun pulls them into another day.

If there is only this time it is enough. If there is more it will be. They sit at the water’s edge and touch oceans away knowing that true love finds and can not be sought.

Not Next, Now

March 4, 2015 § 4 Comments

Take a little time to disconnect.

The time for Life is Now.

Life does not lie in waiting, it is happening. Time to explore with a focus on this step with no concern of the next or where it will end.

Already my steps on some paths provide a base for routine with a focus on being present. Others are in view as considerations. All are part of life today serving to enhance what is already nearing perfection.

I still have struggles. One is purpose and the other is its close cousin success. Not in having either or both, but defining and accepting them in a way that is a departure from the past. New habits pushing hard against the old ones.

I am content and excited with life then on occasion eyes wander up for a quick glance to the past. Memories of a race to a finish line that moves faster than the runner and I want run fast again, forgetting for a moment the pain that comes with such insanity.

Change was a game of catch before and I managed a lot, today it is one of keep away. A new understanding that it is difficult to appreciate what is in hand while in motion with eyes to the end.

Much is written about taking one step at a time, being present, gratitude and true love. Now is the time take the lessons to heart.


March 3, 2015 § 2 Comments


It is on a day like Monday that all the trivial aspects of life push so quickly away. All that is left is what really matters, a reminder of the importance to be present for life and find enjoyment in each step as it happens.

Keeva found her way into Liz’s life over nine years ago as a pup and she remained that youthful girl all her life. In the past few years the soul of an old dog began to show but the playful and youthful looks of a beautiful Golden always won the day.

Her name, from the Irish Caoimhe meaning beautiful, gentle and precious, precisely describes this amazing companion. Attachment to her comes easily when encountering her sweeping tail, plush coat and nuzzling nature for both two and four legged creatures.


Ever present and active for all her years she kept warm the heart of the woman I love and accompanied two young boys on their adventures to becoming young men. Keeva’s presence is felt everywhere and today when the house awoke without her the emptiness hurt even more than when we said goodbye yesterday.

My heart breaks and my tears fall, for Liz, for the boys and for all those that befriended this lass. Most of all I miss her for the wonderful girl she was and allowing me to share part of her life.

A Little Something

February 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

a little something

Heading home is bitter sweet, the awkward emotional dance that happens when leaving someone loved and heading home to loved ones. Saying goodbye is with a hug that last a little longer and holds a little tighter, then turning to board a train to the airport.

Leaving with the same pack of worldly possession that arrived a week ago. A week to kick around this city with the kids. Out the window places that were explored rush by as the memories remain. Closer to the airport more people board with their expressions of sadness and excitement, a tell of who is coming and who is going.

At the airport and the last line to leaving and the first to going home is ahead, a queue to security. A brisk walk knocks down to a intermittent shuffle. Near the screening area the routine begins, jacket, shoes and belt shed, pockets empty and opening the pack to remove the laptop.

Stopping for a moment and a smile grows as eyes get teary, a card and something sweet sits inside the pack. A little something from a daughter that makes everyday brighter for her dad.

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