Inner (Beach) Child

January 25, 2015 § 2 Comments


Sitting, back to the world at home and watching the sun fall, feet planted firmly in the sand. The waves rise, curl and fall with a boom to momentarily mute the laughter and squeals that otherwise flow along the beach.

Watching ages 16 to 50 and beyond be 12 again, playing in the sand, challenging the break and chasing down the beach as if this is an everyday and the only day. A wonderful break from a typical January with less arctic and more tropical.

Less than a day here and the necessities acquired for feeding the hungry for the upcoming week. Everything is set and now all that is left is play, welcoming back this kid that is in all of us.


Easy Fix

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Admission of errors with quaking voice and the warmth of a flush face met with a subtle nod then a few dismissing words. The walk back, through crowded cubicles and they all know.

It matters and no one can see how this mis-step will destroy a life, mine. It is in the avoidance of eyes and conversations that hush when walking past. Building to a high pitch silence that echoes incompetence.

Sitting, staring into the screen waiting for a tap on the shoulder and it is only my first. First job, first week and first mistake. Four years of school, learning for what?

Minutes to hours as steps approach and pass, each time tightening then releasing the belt around my chest. The hum ebbs and flows over half height walls tells of a world in harmony, not mine.

Then the steps that cinch tighter stopping to the side placing a printout on the desk with circles and lines through numbers and words.

I see what you have done she says. It is a common mistake when starting out she says. Here is how you can fix it and by the way good work, she says.

And all was right in the world.

Exploding Kittens

January 22, 2015 § 2 Comments

A game called Exploding Kittens, who would have thought.

Exploding Kittens

Sometimes things that are simple work. On January 19 a few folks with good experience in gaming, the electronic kind, and a fellow named “the oatmeal” of internet fame pushed their card game to Kickstarter for funding looking for $10,000.

What has and continues to cascade from their simple and absurd approach to fun is remarkable. As I write (in the first 72 hours) there are over 80,000 backers supporting their campaign to the tune of $3,200,000.

The pitch has incredible professionalism that matches the creativity and experience of Elan Lee, Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) and Shane Small. A card game that is simple, cheap and contains humour with appeal to those from ages seven to over seventy.

Three Amigos

In all its simplicity there is great consideration for what the world will find entertaining. From kittens to unicorn enchiladas to thousand year back hair, there is unlimited imagination at play. The price of admission is low and the hype is high, good selling features for anything in todays fast paced world.

At the very least watching this campaign is entertaining and I am sure by the time most read this the participation in this campaign will eclipse 100,000 backers and this little group will have have pre-sold their idea to the tune of $4,000,000.

Good on them.

The Lift

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Eight months and strength is at the forefront of fitness. Dedication to a routine and following a program that is not about moving levers or running to no where. Three days a week, intensive and diverse effort that provides a rotation through all the parts of the body, focus on balance and movement that is functional.

The goal is to gain strength to carry the body through everyday with ease. There are so many years ahead and being able to enjoy them exploring beyond past physical limits is important. The approach is not extreme, although some days it feels that way, it is always challenging but never impossible.

Past years have been filled with achievements that still provide pride however taking their toll on the body and not reflecting a place in a daily routine. Like many things today the pace slows and not in individual moments just the number that are attempted in a day, week or month.

Last night was a great lift, moving weight in an amount double what was thought possible. Getting there was not a steady increase week over week of the same lift but a formulated plan in working and balancing all the contributing parts, every part engaged in a well orchestrated sequence. Last night it all came together in one fluid movement, it felt amazing.

A moment of insight that goes against a past belief that to do one thing well is to do it many times, with focus. Instead this new approach is about equal attention to all the contributing parts that delivers strength for a balanced life.

Living You

January 21, 2015 § 8 Comments

Find places of challenge to grow. Find places of comfort to rest.

Sleep as darkness falls and wake at the first light of the day. Move throughout the day, mind and body.

Remove the middleman from what you eat, keep close to its source. Food is beautiful in its simplicity, enjoy it that way.

Find comfort in being alone, cherish the time to be in thought without distraction. Life will not always be so peaceful.

Avoid compromise for the sake of fitting in. It takes courage and in time this is what others aspire to.

Friends won’t tell, they will ask. Collect the rare ones and cherish them as a favourite place, safe and secluded.

Family matters, always. No bond is as strong as the one to a child, having one teaches this.

What is done is past and cannot be undone. Make amends and move forward, free of regret.

In this moment is the only time that life is certain. Stay present in Life, tomorrow is always a day away.

Quiet the inner critic, be kind to others and self. Celebrate every day the Living You.

Changing Minds

January 20, 2015 § 2 Comments

Letting go of the long-held is not easy. I am not writing of the flippant attachment to possessions, but the non-tangible and often unsubstantiated that exists as common knowledge due to social acceptance or tradition. The ideas, beliefs and philosophies that are held as part of many of us in the same way as our physical self.

There are two realms to consider. One is the physical, steeped in science and includes ourselves and the physical world we live. Second is the social that includes how we organize ourselves in society whether government, work, family or religion. Both the physical and social are evolving and under the effect of a fast-moving and potentially damaging world. With the current pace of change, research and experimentation it is reasonable to expect changing views and action be brought forward in to individual thinking of how the world is.

However there are those who get up every morning and eat what they eat because the box or an article or professional advice directing them to do so, those who trust media feeds or endorse common knowledge as truth. For many committing to something long enough makes it fact or habit and in either case personal. Some things are easier to break away from others and most difficult are those things that align to our social, family or work settings regardless of how these things resonate within us.

As we strive to walk in step with our surroundings. When ideas percolate up to form opinion, the fear of rejection keeps us held in pace with others through silence and conformity. With burgeoning information available today our opinion becomes even more diffuse and throws further into questions what we may see as obvious or practical.

There is not a quick solution and no easy route from a place of steadfast mindset to one of understanding and acceptance. To begin is to be a student of the world, to challenge in socratic fashion, core beliefs and to accept the notion that there is room for change in views and beliefs long-held. Be prepared, as the road to discovery will disprove more than it substantiates.

Perhaps most important is in a world so diverse that the joy in this discovery is learning acceptance, of one another regardless of beliefs, status, origins, mental or physical self.


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Writing was my first expression of thoughts. Stepping into the light of the world with words and images for all to see and read. It is and always has been enjoyable for me to write whether with pen or keyboard.

In September I took to another form of expression, art. By signing up for an adult drawing and painting class I set my goal to go from random doodles to purposeful ones. The steady progression from week to week exploring different mediums and learning techniques was relaxing and enjoyable.

My 'Bear' Watercolour

       My ‘Bear’ Watercolour

Starting with sketches using pencil, charcoal, pastel and ink drawings then stepping into painting with acrylic and watercolour before finishing off with collage. Each week spending a morning completely immersed in the meditative process of creativity.

My favourite was acrylic and most challenging was watercolour. For the new year I begin again with a focus on my favourite, ready with brushes, paints and canvas that found their way under the tree this past Christmas.

I look forward to once again to losing myself in this wonderful world of expression. What will yours be?

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