Good Day

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Photograph © Tracy Crape

Photograph © Tracy Crape


Simple to say and I say them often. On walks, in stores, arriving home or just about anytime that I see someone. A hello, good morning or good day said with a smile. I say them not because I was taught so, it is because I want to share my joy for the day.

It is often accepted, a smile or a greeting or both in return. Some are sing a good morning and others a sudden burst as if caught by surprise, hurried to get the words out. Either way these momentary connections fuel my happiness.

Some pass by without a word, eyes down or ears plugged in tightly. For those that are quiet I walk away hoping that their silence is only temporary, lost in thought and not sadness.

Practice your greetings and bring cheer into the lives of others and your own.

Day Dreamer

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Photograph © Tracy Crape

With lofty dreams exhausted thoughts drift to the attainable. There is a time and place for those things driven by imagination and ego, the thoughts of doing things for the appearance it provides others. It is not that time.

Time now is for dreams that are solely for me and my life. Things done with passion, without audience. It is a shoebox of ideas and dreams kept under the bed, in a drawer or a shelf in the closet. Out of sight of the world but if someone where to see.

What do you keep that you share only with those closest to you? Do you get lost in the time you spend toiling with them, smiling all the time? Those are the things that matter and keep us whole.


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Photograph © Tracy Crape

Sitting back into the chair and the world rushes forward. The outside pulls deep inside in a free fall taking with it confidence and surety. An expressive face falls slack.

A quick clench pulls the jaw tight to hold back against the tremors that fear releases. No more words, just a stare beyond the pensive faces studying the table between us. Looking beyond the glass towers to urban and suburban. The image blurs as a tear breaks free. « Read the rest of this entry »

The Other Side

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Day 98-150082

Photograph © Tracy Crape

Eyes search to see what lies beyond. Scanning with desire, fields green and lush, places I once called home. There does not appear to be a way across, not under, over or through. The fence runs left and right of me a distance greater than I can travel in my lifetime remaining.

The longing for what was passes through me. The feeling of capacity, the ability to do as I please without barriers but also without direction or destination. I remember fragments of playing in that magnificent playground on those long days of summer. I also remember the pain, the unhappiness.

As the days shortened I ignored the signs as leaves turned and fell with the cold season’s harsh arrival . Negotiations began in earnest but there was nothing left to deal. All lost and hibernation the only defence, hiding in a pit with a cover of despair. Eyes closing to dreams and night terrors, reenactments, hopes and twists of both, filling a restless sleep.

It was spring’s warmth melting away the concealing layers that released me to a new world. The long rest providing understanding of what matters, shaking the attachment to material things, status and stature. A long look inside revealing my passion to explore. Revelations and learnings appear, a thirst for life born of winter’s darkness.

Standing at the fence I look again to those fields and see him play. He pauses and looks up with hollow eyes, his glance across the fence yearning for a life with purpose. I smile knowing it is I whom now stands on the other side, a place of man’s desire.


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Photograph © Tracy Crape

Recently I watched a Ted Talk by Shawn Achor that I have seen several times before. His talk and his book were part of the catalyst for me in achieving a life lived simply and authentically. Shawn speaks of happiness and being intentional. I am happy today as I focus on the positive aspects of life and celebrate the good in my life and the lives of those that surround me.

So how did I get to where I am today? It starts with a destination, a place that is Utopia. Not fixed, nor constrained by time, place, wealth, influence or expectation. It is a marker to move toward that creates a path explore. I keep close my non-negotiables, these are not things, but ways of life that are important to me such as happiness, health, working with my hands and helping others. It is about who I am standing with shoes off on that first day or on the last day.

It was understanding that first day of taking back my life was the first day of many filled with joy. It has been difficult but those things in life that are truly worthwhile are not achieved with ease and gains made when working hard are learnings that hold for a lifetime.

I embrace the good as I see moments of success, no matter how small. I practice gratitude and engage in acts of kindness. At times in the day take time for quiet contemplation or exploration through creative expression. I have surroundings filled with the life I want and those who support me as I do them. I am intentional with defining acts that lead to a desired future.

I am always making space and clearing away what does not fit. Here too intention plays a part, carrying only what is essential to travel to my destination leaving space for things meaningful that will be found along the way. It is a long life and I do not need to have it all at the beginning and I will not need much at the end. What matters is kept inside.


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Photograph © Tracy Crape

It is Monday and the harsh cold of the past several days has abated. Gentle winds this morning push across Calgary as the chinook raises yesterday’s temperature of -20C to near freezing this morning, a pleasant surprise. This winder adjustment must have caught many off guard as it did me. « Read the rest of this entry »

Cleaning House & Collecting Gems

January 13, 2016 § 2 Comments


Photograph © Tracy Crape

Over the Christmas break I did some rearranging around the house. Moving a small desk out, a bigger desk, a file cabinet and bookcase up from the basement to put them to better use. When I move things I also do some house cleaning, parting ways with unnecessary and often unwanted clutter. « Read the rest of this entry »

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